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How we source and train Bright Spark PAs

Working Group

Sourcing: We interview 100s of UK based PAs and only the top 3% make it through to interview

Working Group

Interview: We put our PAs through two separate interviews and a skills test

Working Group
Working Group

Work Simulation: We task each prospective assistant with a work simulation. Through this task we can see their understanding, use of knowledge, common sense, reasoning and attention to detail. 

Training: Once our assistants are onboard we enrol them on our internal training course to ensure they are fully up to speed with our processes and current softwares/platforms.

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Ready: Once our assistants are onboard & fully trained, they are ready to be matched with our clients. We'll get to know you and your business and match you with your perfect PA, not just based on skill but also personality. Your assistant will seamlessly integrate into your business with minimal onboarding required.

Our Values

Our Pillars of Excellence: Guiding Every Interaction and Decision

CURIOUS: We delve into your industry. We ask questions and offer insights and solutions

ADAPTIVE: We’re flexible, open and willing to learn and evolve

COMMUNICATIVE: We believe in all round communication, and comprehensive information sharing

TRUSTWORTHY: We’re always confidential and discreet

RELIABLE: We’re efficient, presentable and always on time

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